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TotalGrow Far Red Lullaby Lamp (trigger short days)

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  • Accelerate the transition into darkness-induced “rest” with 730nm far-red light
  • Enable longer periods of high-intensity lighting for increased growth rates and yields
  • Reduce the need for shade curtains and naturally short days
  • Minimal power consumption and electrical infrastructure needs with simple installations


The Science of Photoperiodic “Dark” Lighting

Day-length perception in plants often determines flowering vs. vegetative growth responses. Short day crops like cannabis naturally require approx. 12+ hours of continuous darkness to flower which begins with a slow deactivation of the Phytochrome photoreceptor before the plant is fully “asleep.”

The TotalGrow Far Red Lullaby Lamp specifically targets the absorption peak of Phytochrome Pfr to accelerate this process, reducing the 12-hour darkness requirement and allowing more daily light accumulation and growth. The exact darkness requirement varies by crop and environment, but a 13-hour day / 11-hour night is generally possible for an additional hour of daily growth.

This 730nm far red radiation also generally induces stretching.


Ask us about specialized socketed light cords for easy, low-cost installation!


Power: 17W

Output: 34 µmol/s

Efficacy: 2.0 µmol/J

Spectrum: 730nm

Typical Coverage: 40 sq. ft.

Typical Lighting Schedule: 13 hr. Day / 1 hr. Lullaby / 10 hr. Dark

Dimensions: 4.9" wide x 5.2" tall; 14 oz

Dimming: none

Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Warranty: 5 years

Certifications: ETL

Waterproof: IP65

Applications: Short-Day Photoperiodic lighting to influence the timing of flowering

What's Included: (1) Light bulb


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