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MS-100: Apogee InSight Handheld Spectroradiometer

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Apogee’s new MS-100 “InSight” device is a handheld, portable spectroradiometer specifically designed for taking spectral measurements and analyzing grow lights of all kinds. The unit instantly calculates the most important metrics for photobiology including:

  • PPFD and ePPFD
  • YPFD and TPFD
  • PFD-UV and PFD-B
  • PFD-G and PFD-R
  • PFD-FR and FR F
  • PPE and iPPE
  • CFI and CRI
  • CCT and Lux
  • R F-R R
  • Foot candle (fc)
  • λp and λd
  • CIE 1931 x & y
  • CIE 1976 u’ & v’

The unit can be used in multiple modes. Spot check mode allows you to take a measurement and see the different metrics on the unit's small screen, which also includes a basic spectral graph. When paired with an iOS or Android phone, the Apogee Insight App allows you to check different lighting metrics, store multiple spectral samples for download, and view full-color graphs.

The InSight also comes with free, full-featured Apogee Insight Software for PC that offers additional spectral analysis features and the ability to log measurements. The unit can log measurements over time using the included power supply or when connected to a computer (via USB) or compatible datalogger (via Modbus RS-485). Please note that the unit is not waterproof and needs to be protected in harsh environments.



• Product Manual

• Specification Sheet

• Technical Drawing


Wavelength Range: 380 to 780

Wavelength Data Increment: 1 nm

Spectral Bandwidth: Approximately 12 nm (half bandwidth)

Wavelength Reproducibility: ± 1 nm

Measurement Range: PPFD: 0.1 to 3,500 µmol mˉ² sˉ¹; Lux: 5 to 190,000 lx

Illuminance Accuracy (Illuminant A @ 2,856 K at 20,000 lx): ± 5 %

Color Accuracy (Illuminant A @ 2,856 K at 20,000 lx): ± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x, y

Color Repeatability (Illuminant A @ 2,856 K at 20,000 lx): ± 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x, y

CCT Accuracy (Illuminant A @ 2,856 K at 20,000 lx): ± 2 %

CRI Accuracy @ Ra: ± 1.5 %

Stray Light: -25 dB max

Integration Time Range: 6 to 1,000 ms

Capture Function: One time

Operation Mode: Standalone Mode/Bluetooth Mode/USB Mode (PC Connection)

Measuring Modes: PPFD, ePPFD, YPFD, TPFD

Measuring Modes: PFD-UV, PFD-B, PFD-G, PFD-R

Measuring Modes: PFD-FR, FR F, PPE, iPPE

Measuring Modes: CFI, CRI, CCT, Lux

Measuring Modes: R F-R R, fc, λp, λd

Measuring Modes: CIE 1931 x & y, CIE 1976 u' & v'

Measuring Modes: Spectrum Graphics

Measuring Capabilities: Illuminance (LUX)/Foot Candle (fc)

Measuring Capabilities: Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Measuring Capabilities: CIE Chromaticity Coordinates: CIE 1931 x, y coordinates; CIE 1976 u', v' coordinates; CIE 1931 XYZ value

Measuring Capabilities: Dominant wavelength (λd)

Measuring Capabilities: Color Rendering Index (CRI, Ra)/R1 to R15

Measuring Capabilities: PPFD (400 to 700 nm) mˉ² sˉ¹; ePPFD (400 to 750 nm) mˉ² sˉ¹; PPF-UV (380 to 400 nm) mˉ² sˉ¹; PPF-B (400 to 500 nm) mˉ² sˉ¹; PPF-G (500 to 600 nm) mˉ² sˉ¹; PPF-R (600 to 700 nm) mˉ² sˉ¹; PPF-NIR (700 to 780)

Measuring Capabilities: Percent Flicker

Measuring Capabilities: Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) mW/m²

Measuring Capabilities: Peak Wavelength (λp)

Measuring Capabilities: Peak Wavelength (λpV)

Measuring Capabilities: Integration Time (i-time)

Display: 0.96" 128x64 mono OLED

Maximum Files: ≒ 1.2 million files @ 8 GB Micro-SD card (Excel)

Battery Operation Time: ≦ 3 hours/Fully charged

Battery Operation Power: USB Power; 700 mAh/3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Micro Card (SD 2.0, SDHC/up to 32G)

Data Output Interface: Mini USB port (USB 2.0) Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 compatible with iOS and Android

Data Format: Compatible with Microsoft Office Excel

Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 32.2 mm (H x W x D)

Weight (with Battery): 70 g ± 5 g

Operating Temperature: 0 to 35˚C, relative humidity 70 % of less without condensation

Storage Temperature: -10 to 40˚C, relative humidity 70 % of less without condensation

Display Languages: English

Software: Apogee InSight

Warranty: One year

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